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Circular Lagos Challenge

About the Challenge

Circular Lagos is a project launched by Lagos State that seeks to grow the market for “Circular Economy” businesses in ways that benefit producers, consumers, and communities across Lagos.

In a “Circular Economy” waste is recaptured as resources to manufacture new materials and products. This means less extraction of carbon-intensive resources and less trash that harms our health and the environment. Circular businesses are also expected to reap the monetary benefits, stimulate local economic growth and create meaningful job opportunities.

The flagship event of this project is the Circular Lagos Challenge, supported by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), designed to unearth innovative solutions that can fundamentally change the way we design, make and use the things we need in Lagos State.

The Winners Emerge

The winners who emerged at the end of the pitch session are Babatunde Adebayo of Eco Circular Solutions Provider; Joshua Attat of Lyvin; Sunday Sholanke of PETsPoint Technology Limited; Doyinsola Ogunye of Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children; Taiwo Adewole of Wastexchange Limited; and Gbenga Olasehinde of Stylus-Simplex Design.  Each of these entrepreneurs emerged as the winner in their respective challenge categories.

Going Forward

The Circular Lagos challenge seeks to grow the market for circular economy businesses in ways that benefit producers, consumers, and communities across the Lagos state with the aim of stimulating local economic growth and creating meaningful job opportunities for Lagos State.

In view of the above 7 of the 12 SMEs that made it to the finals will go through a six months LoopLab Incubation program where they will be supported to develop their business plans and secure funding to implement their different solutions.