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Circular Products Catalogue

Circular Products Catalogue December 2022 Edition

Introducing, a new product that will no doubt be instrumental in creating awareness about circular products and making them accessible to many Nigerians. We call it, the “Circular Products Catalogue” December 2022 Edition.

In over bid to encourage more Nigerians to go circular in their approach to living, we observed that there were three categories of people:

  • Those who were aware of the importance of purchasing and using circular products but have no idea where they could get them,
  • Those who are unfamiliar with what the concept of circularity was and by extension have no idea what circular products are, and
  • Those who were knowledgeable about the concepts of circularity, circular products and buy circular products often.

The Circular Products Catalogue provides a list of circular products and manufacturers/service providers that they can contact to buy these items or engage their services.

And what better time to share this list with the world than the Christmas season. We believe this is the best season to exchange circular gifts and elevate their standard of living with circular habits and practices that make the world a better place. Are you in?

Download your copy of the “Circular Products Catalogue” December 2022 Edition today.