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Chasing Unicorns in African Circular Economy Business Models

Chasing Unicorns in African circular business models A WCEF2022 Accelerator session 8th December 2022 | 4:00PM - 5:00PM WAT [Virtual] Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of the Circular Economy story in Africa. A broadly accepted view globally is that Circular Economy business models are disruptive, so it is more likely for newcomers than industry incumbents to stimulate this disruption. In the African context however, entrepreneurial programming is also driven by concerns about youth skills development and employment: of 18 countries in the world with official unemployment rates above 20%, 13 are in Africa. Faith in new ideas and a sense of urgency to change the status quo has...


SMALL WEEE MATTERS   To commemorate the International E-waste Day, EPRON will be hosting a webinar this Friday, 14th of October, 2022 on the theme; SMALL WEEE MATTERS. The aim of this webinar is to highlight the value of recycling small E-waste fractions. Time:11am Venue: Zoom 📍 To be part of this webinar, kindly visit Collection of small E-waste is currently ongoing at the various @slotlimitef outlet. Visit today to drop off. #epron #ewaste #ied2023 #smallweeematters #ewasterecycling #ewastemanagement #internationalwasteday #reduce #reuse # recycle #awereness #sdg #sustainabiltyproject #slot #lagos #ecofriendly #zerowaste #environment #hazard #awareness #iewd...

Empowering Collectors Initiative Launch

About this event The ECI is an Environmental sustainability program powered by the Growing Businesses Foundation under its SevenPillar program funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, designed to bring various improvements that will increase the efficiency and sustainability of the waste plastic ecosystem. This initiative among its goals is to empower disposers, collectors, and aggregators in a manner that will accelerate the collection of waste plastics. The ECI aims to empower 3000 women and youth, increasing their level of income and, recover a minimum of 25,000MT of PET over the next 24 months. To register click the link below: