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Circular Economy as a Catalyst for Sustainable Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Value Chain

Virtual Conference on Circular Economy.


Circular Economy as a catalyst for sustainable ferrous and non-ferrous metal value chain

Date : May 6, 2021 02:00 – 03:40 PM

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Event Details

According to available data, it is said that about 3 billion tons of Iron ore and other minerals for steel production including coal and limestone are deposited within Nigeria. However, the metal sector struggles to thrive due to shortage of raw materials and mismanagement. The sector is primarily being sustained through recycling of scrap steel which is collected from solid wastes within the environment.

Metal recycling in Nigeria is largely an informal pyramid industry. Even-though informal, there is a hierarchy which comprises of the scavengers (landfill scavengers, open dump scavengers, itinerant scavengers, and cart pushers), the small buyers (middlemen) of items to be recycled, large buyers (dealers) and the small and medium scale industries.

By bringing the major stakeholders in the metal and recycling industry, we sought to create awareness of the existing market, breakdown the value chain, enlighten our audience about the sector and gather data by listening to experts in this field.

Panel Discussants:

  1. Dr Elijah Ohimain – Nigeria and Environmental Services Consultant
  2. Chris Whyte – Director, ACEN
  3. Dr Dolapo Fasawe – GM LASEPA
  4. Mr Terseer Ugbor – Executive secretary, Alliance for responsible battery recycling

The session was moderated by Engr. Afolasade Nubi – Civil and environmental engineer, UNILAG

Location: Online
Date: December 2, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
type: open
entrance: unlimited