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Eko Circular Vibe Podcast Goes Live


You can now listen to the Eko Circular Vibe Podcast

This weekly podcast brings listeners up to date with valuable knowledge to help you broaden and deepen your understanding of the circular economy and how you can contribute to making our environment more sustainable.

Eko Circular Vibes Podcasts seek to promote the knowledge of circularity practices in the city of Lagos. As a listener, this podcast provides you with the functional tools and insights to contribute to the overarching aim of making Lagos an ecofriendly city.


The weekly quiz is aimed at testing the knowledge of listeners based on each episode. Winners stand a chance of winning a cash prize of N10,000 for answering the questions correctly. Check the Circular Lagos Social Media Page for more details on how to participate.

Listen Here

Location: Online
Date: February 4, 2022
Duration: 1 Day