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MITIMETH is an award-winning Social Enterprise. We are a cause driven brand, transforming waste and building livelihoods for 150+ women and youth in Nigeria via the Creative Economy. Our vision is to create environmentally and economically thriving Maker communities and to become Nigeria’s #1 choice in natural fiber products. We have accomplished this through the upcycling of water hyacinth and agricultural residues. Our passion lies in designing and producing handwoven interior décor such as home textiles, mirrors, area rugs, lighting, dining-ware, garden-ware, art, stationery, accent furniture and also fashion accessories from renewable materials. We facilitate Craft Weaving Workshops in rural communities, empowering mostly women and youth to create income earning opportunities utilizing these locally available resources. In partnership with the private and public sector, MitiMeth has trained over 600 women and youth from communities in Nigeria and Ghana.

Primary Circular Business Model(s):

Circular Supply Chain: Products are designed to have a long life-cycle and product components are replaceable, made from recycled, renewable or bio-based materials.

Contact Details

Company Name: BlueCycle Limited

Founder: Akinse Fela Buyi

Tel: +234 706 223 0959


Company Website: