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Oretronics Technology


Oretronics Technology develops and manufactures Solid-State Lighting products for the Nigerian market that consume 90% less energy than incandescent lighting, and saves 90% cost of lighting. Oretronics Technology solves Energy Poverty, High Electricity Costs, Electricity Access and Carbon Foot-print challenges in Nigeria thus increasing energy security by developing, deploying and distributing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and solutions through Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing and Solar Energy with Energy Storage services.

Primary Circular Business Model(s):

Circular Supply Chain: Products are designed to have a long life-cycle and product components are replaceable, made from recycled, renewable or bio-based materials.

Contact Details

Company Name: Oretronics Technology

Founder: Engr. Joseph O Orenaike, Joseph Olusegun Orenaike, Olufunmilayo Chiamaka Orenaike, Oluwakemi Chinelo Orenaike

Tel: +234 813 863 9198


Company Website: