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What you can do as an individual to practice circularity this season. (Series Part 2)

What you can do as an individual to practice circularity this season. (Series Part 2)

As an individual there are many things that you can do to promote circularity this holiday season.
Firstly, when buying gifts, use the principles of sufficiency and efficiency. When are gifts really needed? Do I really need a new device or new clothes? And if they are needed, how can I limit how they are packaged and assure that packaging is recycled?
From an efficiency perspective, think about whether there are alternative products on the market that have diverted waste from landfills and are produced by local entrepreneurs. You can do this by looking at our Circular Products Catalogue, where there are fantastic products and services to choose from.
Finally, think about what you will do with excess materials. How will you dispose of items you no longer need or want and how will you assure they do not ultimately end up at a landfill?
Most importantly, engage within the community that you live to make sure that you are served by recyclers, who retain much more value for products when they are separated and picked up from your household. You may contact any of the recyclers listed in the Circular Products Catalogue for help.

How can organizations to practice circularity this season

Organizations play a very important role in promoting the circular economy.
Not only do organizations make decisions on a larger scale and so have a greater impact on businesses and the environment, they are also instrumental in promoting cultures and “ways of thinking” about circularity that are diffused to communities and individuals.
It doesn’t matter how big or small an organization is, it can still have an impact by integrating circular economy thinking into their policies and purchasing decisions.
For example, a circular procurement policy, where suppliers are evaluated based on circularity principles, will go a long way in terms of building the market for circular products and services by encouraging staff and suppliers to think about how they produce and dispose of their products.
Organizations can also evaluate opportunities to integrate circularity into their businesses. The market for circular products and services is still very young in Lagos, but this means that any decision an organization takes to support circular businesses and services, whether by thinking through a recycling programme or integrating circular supplies through its gift purchasing, events management or building maintenance, will make a significant difference for local circular economy entrepreneurs. Now is the time for organizations to make a big difference.

This article is published as a part of campaign materials for “PROJECT CHOOSE CIRCULAR PRODUCTS”, a digital campaign to educate Nigerians on circular products.